Sylvan Island Wreck

Sylvan Island Wreck: 

This 3D model showcases a shallow water wreck near Sylvan Island, Alexandria Bay, NY. Discovered by Daniel J. Gildea in the fall of 2023 on Sylvan Island Shoal the pleasure craft lies in 20’ of water and is visible from the surface on a calm day. The model originated from Dan’s video taken in early 2024 using remote operated vehicle technology.

The Source Video used to create this model is an excellent example of how to capture footage ideal for 3D reconstruction. Here's what makes it stand out:

  • Clean Footage: No air bubbles from other divers, undisturbed bottom sediment, and a complete absence of scooters or divers crossing through the frame.  
  • Smooth Camera Movement: The camera rotates slowly and steadily around the wreck, capturing all sides without any jerky motions.
  • Optimal Lighting: Even and bright lighting ensures details are not obscured by shadows.
  • Textured Surfaces: The wreck's textured surfaces provide the software with more information to create an accurate 3D model.This combination of filming techniques allows for a high-quality 3D model reconstruction, offering a detailed look at the shipwreck.