Roy A. Jodrey

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Dive site since 2004 
Roy A Jodrey
Location: Wellesley Island GPS: 44° 19.873'N, 75° 56.004'W 
Depth: 130 to 250 feet 
Bottom: Strong currents 


Build Year: 1965 
Build City: Collingwood, Ontario 
Vessel Type: Freighter 
Hull: steel
Propulsion : propeller 
Length: 640 feet 
Beam: 72 feet 
Depth of hold: 38 feet 
Date of loss: November 20, 1974 
Cause: Struck shoal and sunk 

The Roy A. Jodrey was built in 1965. It rests on its side between 130 and 250 feet deep under the main shipping channel just off the U.S. Coast Guard Station on Wellesley Island. 


On Wednesday, November 20th, 1974, the Roy A Jodrey was up bound on the St Lawrence River near Alexandria Bay, NY. She ran out of the channel and struck Pullman Shoal. The captain decided to beach his ship next to the U.S. Coast Guard Station on Wellesley Island. For many years, the Jodrey was off-limits to divers because of the leaking oil that was clearly apparent in the 1990's. In 2002-2004 the leaking oil from the Jodrey was effectively removed and she has been cleared for diving only by the most experienced technical divers.