3D Image (Video for 3D Model, Dana Hunt) (Use curtesy of Hunt Underwater Specialties, Khris Hunt)


Dive site since 1950's
Location: Alexandria Bay GPS: 44° 20.297'N, 75° 55.207'W
Depth: 20 -60 Feet
Bottom: Some Current, Rock and Mud
Access: shore


Build Year: 1871
Build City: Rochester, NY
Vessel Type: Steamer
Hull: wood
Builder: D. W. Springstead
Propulsion: Side wheeler
Length: 125 feet
Beam: 20 feet
Depth of hold: 7 feet
Date of loss: 9/16/1909
Cause: burned

The Islander wreck is just offshore at the foot of Market Street in downtown Alexandria Bay, N.Y. The wooden wreck is much deteriorated. Resting on the slope of the bottom, it is close to being parallel with shore. The wreck is from 30 to 45 feet deep, with some timbers as deep as 60 feet. This is a maintained dive site with signage, car parking and water access.


This side-wheel steamer was built at Rochester, N.Y. in 1871 and launched as the James H. Kelly and later renamed the John Thorn. The Islander measured 125 feet by 20 feet by 7 feet and weighed 118 gross tons. As well as being a regular mail carrier between Clayton and Alexandria Bay, she was used in island and river tours. The Islander burnt on September 16th, 1909 while at dock in Alexandria Bay.