Sir Robert Peel


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Known dive site since 1900 (hardhat & scuba) 
Sir  Robert Peel
Location: just above the Thousand Islands Bridge
Depth: 70 to 135 feet
Bottom: Rocks, strong currents


Build Year: 1837
Build City: Kingston Ont.
Vessel Type: Steamboat
Hull: Wood
Builder: Wm. Parkins
Propulsion: Side wheel
Length: 115 feet.
Beam: 20 feet.
Depth of hold: 10 feet.
Tonnage: 263
Date of loss: 1838
Cause: burned

The wreck lies in 125 feet of water and its boilers lie in 70 feet of water. The wreck, over 171 years old is one of the oldest identifiable shipwrecks in the Thousand Islands. Only the wood below the water line remain. The site is deep and the currents are strong and it is located under the shipping channel.


The Sir Robert Peel was a side wheel passenger steamer built at Brockville, Ontario in 1837. While tied up to the dock in 1838 a raiding party dress up as indians captured her, robbed the passengers, and then set the ship on fire.
She sank downstream from the dock in 125 feet of water. The event of the burning of the Peel was part of the conflict known as the Patriot Wars.