3D Image:  3D Model by Roger Lacasse 


Location: Prescott, Ontario                                     

General Area: 44.699767° -75.527233°

Depth: 25-30 feet

Bottom: clay/silt

Year built: 1867 

Build at: Carleton, New Brunswick                     

Vessel Type: Steamer, side wheeler

Hull: wood

Builder: J & S.E. Oliver

Propulsion Side wheel

Length: 193 feet

Beam: 29 feet

Depth of hold: 8 feet

Tonnage: 839

Date of loss: 9/2/1889       

Cause: Abandoned



The wreck of the Rothesay is located from 100 to 300 feet from shore just southwest from Prescott, Ontario. The Rothesay site is really a large mess of wreckage with her stern and bow remaining relatively intact. The site is marked with a buoy and lines. 


Launched February 2,1867 at Carleton, New Brunswick, this twin side-wheeler steamer 

was relocated to service the Montreal, Quebec to Prescott, Ontario passenger run.  She met her fate September 21889 by colliding with the American tug Myra. In 1901 a group from the Royal Military

College, Kingston used this wreck for explosives practice.

Reference site: Great Lakes Maritime Collection