Life Boat


Life Boat

3D Image

Calumet Island Life Boat by SRHF on Sketchfab


Known Dive site since 1980s.
Location: North side Calumet Island
General Area: 44° 15.119'N, 76° 5.713'W
Depth: 42 feet


Bottom: Rock ledges
Year built: 1940’s
Built at:: unknown
Vessel Type: Liberty ship Life Boat
Hull Materials: metal
Builder Name: unknown
Propulsion: propeller
Length: 20 feet
Beam: 8 feet
Depth of hold: 2 feet
Tonnage: NA
Date of loss: before 1970
Cause: sunk

An abandoned metal lifeboat just off Calumet Island. The boat was first found in the 1980’s. Before zebra mussels encased it bullet holes were visible in its bottom. Good indication it was abandoned.


Built during WWII, the Calumet Island wreck is a galvanized metal lifeboat. These were used on liberty ships during and after the war, then sold as scrap. They were once a common site around the Thousand Islands.