3D Image:  3D Model by Roger Lacasse 


General Area: 44°04'05.462"N 76°35'13.927"W         

Depth: 120 feet
Year built: 1858
Build at: Wilson, NY            
Vessel Type: Schooner
Hull: wood
Builder: L.L. Littles
Propulsion Sail
Length: 102 feet
Beam: 24 feet
Depth of hold:9.5 feet
Tonnage: 213
Date of loss:10/26/1883       
Cause: Abandoned while sinking

The wreck of the Schooner Eureka is located close to Pigeon Island in Lake Ontario under 120 feet of water, near Kingston Ontario. At 211 Tons and 25 years of age she was lost in December 1883 while carrying 270 tons of coal on its way to Kingston from Oswego. The captain and crew of six escaped unharmed to Simcoe light.